Linda Pelton MSW, RSW


844 Bathurst Street, Suite 204


T: 416-558-4123


Individual Therapy

What my clients often tell me is that they most appreciate the accepting, non-judgmental atmosphere that I create in our sessions. I believe my warmth, kindness, and gentleness allow them to look into areas of themselves that have previously been difficult to explore. I don’t see people as being their problems, but rather see people as individuals with problems—and with strengths, strengths that often need to be uncovered and developed.

Clients also comment on my ability to get to the heart of the matter, to put the pieces together and understand the basic issues facing them. “You get it,” is what I often hear.

Every person is unique. I don’t believe in the “one size fits all” philosophy. I work with a variety of approaches so that we can find the ones that best suit your needs. Some of the approaches I use deal primarily with emotions, and others deal more with distressing thoughts and behaviours.

Couples, Marital, and Premarital Therapy

Are you experiencing a crisis in your relationship with your partner? Or wanting to Improve the quality of your relationship? I am a certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist with years of experience in helping couples strengthen their bond. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), developed by Dr. Sue Johnson of Ottawa, is the most successful approach to creating loving relationships, endorsed by the American Psychological Association as scientifically proven, with an astounding 75% success rate, and with long-lasting results. It has become the gold standard in treating couples. I have been certified in this approach by the ICEEFT, established by Dr. Sue Johnson, and am delighted to be able to offer it to couples. For more on EFT, see "What is a healthy marriage?"

Quick Facts

  • over 30 years’ experience in psychotherapy
  • evening and Sunday appointments
  • downtown Toronto, across from Bathurst subway exit
  • LBGQT welcome


Some areas in which I can be of help

  • adults, 17 and older
  • relationship issues
  • couples, marital, and premarital issues
  • self-esteem
  • anxiety
  • separation, grief
  • assertiveness, anger
  • stress management

I welcome and have experience working with individuals and couples who are LBGQT.

Additional Information

Fees: Individuals: $130/hour.  Couples: $160/1¼ hours. Many private insurance plans cover MSW RSW services. Because I am a social worker, you may be able to claim fees as a medical expense for income tax.

Location: Bathurst and Bloor, right across from the Bathurst subway station

Hours: evening and Sunday appointments available

I am happy to provide a free 15-minute phone consultation.